What bookkeeping system to use?

There are so many bookkeeping programs now. So how do you figure out what is the best for your small business? I don’t dislike any program but I would ask the following questions.

What do you need? Are you a sole proprietor or are you incorporated? Do you need payroll or will you need payroll? Do you have inventory? ….

Is the program user friendly? As a business owner will you be able to do entries if needed? If you make a mistake, is it easy to fix? Will you need training and if so is it offered? How is the customer support? Is it easy to grab reports?

What are the bonus features? Is there tax support?  Can you create a budget or forecast?  Is there built in payroll?  Is there a mobile app that allows you to use the program anywhere? Can you have multiple users and limit certain access?

My favorite programs for small business are the following.

A. Quickbooks online – Great price, lots of features, easy to use

B. Freshbooks – Great for a sole proprietor. The invoicing and invoice process is amazing. Easy to use.

At the end of day it is most important to keep ontop of the numbers. Know your numbers, know your system, have a process and be successful.

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