The Key

  Where do you start?

 A really helpful money and time saver is having someone come in that can set up your books properly.

I am not saying you need to hire someone monthly.  Just have someone come in and ensure you have a handle on things.    I’m talking tax accounts are setup properly if required.   Online filings where possible are set up and ready to go.   You have only the necessary accounts in place that reflect your business.   You have reports at your fingertips and know what you need to be looking at.  Your accounting system is working at its max in terms of automating data entry where possible making life easier,  this is naming a few.  

Once everything is in place properly it allows for an efficient process.  Having that process can make certain things less complicated as they arise.     In the beginning you the business owner may be doing the bookkeeping and having that understanding of what to do and what needs to get done can really make a difference.   Even if you get behind at least you have the framework in place that really can save you.   Then when it comes time to hire a bookkeeper, the process is there already allowing him or her to work more efficiently which  again saves time and money.

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